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1 800 Loan Mart mission and values1 800 Loan Mart-KERENMAS.COM, Loan Mart commits to being a leading financial tech company in its industry. The LoanMart App is now available for download on iPhone and Android devices. 1 800 Loan Mart introduces their customer portal to improve the online title loan experience. The log-in feature allows customers to stay up-to-date on their account information and make payments online.

1 800 Loan Mart moves to Van Nuys, California but is still located near our hometown of Sherman Oaks, California. 1 800 Loan Mart automates several aspects of its funding process and creates faster ways for customers to get their money. LoanMart continues to find new ways to innovate the customer experience, like developing a live chat feature on its site.

1 800 Loan Mart Mission

At LoanMart, we have a three-part mission that aims to provide an unparalleled customer experience while being a financially responsible company.

  • 1 800 Loan Mart customer service mission is devoted to identifying and addressing our customer needs. You are at the heart of everything we do. We understand the difficulties of getting through financial emergencies and strive to set an example in the lending industry with how much we care.
  • 1 800 Loan Mart education mission compels us to empower you with accurate and useful financial resources. It is important to us that you are armed with everything you need to make well-informed financial decisions.
  • 1 800 Loan Mart security mission drives us to remain vigilant in protecting your personal information.

This mission is what makes us the leading auto title loan provider on the West Coas.

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1 800 Loan Mart Business

Let’s be real—we know the reputation that our industry has. But with Loan Mart, forget everything you’ve heard before about auto title loans. We set out in this business to change it for the better. We didn’t get where we are today by running our company like others do. At 1 800 Loan Mart, we care about you. This is the difference that makes us the leading auto title loan lender on the West Coast.

Loan Mart has been a trusted resource for more than a decade with over 150,000 happy and satisfied customers. Whether you are a single parent trying to make this month’s bills, Loan Mart can help get you get the money you need quickly to keep living your life.

Being a large, non-traditional lender lets us make our own rules. We make our process flexible and more accessible than other lenders. We want to help as many different people as possible and accommodate our loans to their unique situations when we can. Often, we are able to do this in 24 hours or less.

Our hallmark is our unique relationship with our customers. 1 800 Loan Mart customers like that we build an understanding and non-judgmental connection to people who need money. Other lenders may have bland title loan companies, but we listen compassionately and offer hope through our title loans.

1 800 Loan Mart Values

LoanMart has an outstanding reputation in the auto title loan industry because of our values:

  • LoanMart is a financially responsible organization that provides superior service and support to help its customers be the same.
  • Our success is rooted in our commitment and dedication to our employees.
  • The last thing we want to do is repossession. We work with our customers to avoid it. We’re not in this business with a goal to take away people’s cars.
  • Our safe and ethical business practices have stayed the same since the beginning and have helped us become the most reliable auto title loan lender.
  • We strive to give back and remain a positive influence on the communities we work in.

Financing Made for You

Financial emergencies come unannounced, leaving you frustrated. In a time like this, carefully going through your options is the most important thing you can do, because choosing the wrong lender will leave you under even more stress.
We at LoanMart know you have enough on your mind. Leave it to us to help you out. Providing trusted and quality service to our customers has been our specialty and our reputation for over 10 years. This is one of many reasons we are the top auto title loan provider across the West Coast of the United States.
We understand what you’re going through and so do over 150,000 customers that we’ve already served.We always want to help you find the best and quickest solution to your financial problems at cutting-edge rates.

  • Get Money Fast:Our loan approval process is simple and if you’re approved we will make every effort to get you your money as fast as possible.
  • Professional Process:At LoanMart we pride ourselves on being transparent for our current and future customers.
  • Refinance Existing Title Loans:We may be able to help you refinance a title loan that you have from one of our competitors.
  • Superior Customer Service:Our whole team is committed to making your experience with LoanMart convenient for you.
  • Competitive Rates:At LoanMart we work hard to make sure our rates stay competitive for each customer.
  • Five Day Peace of Mind Guarantee:LoanMart lets you try a loan for 5 days without being locked in.


 Supporting 1 800 Loan Mart Community

LoanMart is proud to have a history of sponsoring events, charitable organizations, scholarships and sports teams across the West Coast of the United States. Whether it’s on the field or in the office, teamwork really does make the dream work at 1 800 Loan Mart. We have an energetic work culture and we like to pour that vibe into every area our work takes us. As a reflection of our spirit, we proudly partner with organizations that motivate us to better ourselves.

At 1 800 Loan Mart, we want to provide a customer experience that goes above and beyond expectations. That’s why we want to give back to our customers by giving back to the communities where we work. Because of our extraordinary team members, we have been able to make this a reality. We are proud to support some of the most loved teams and help put on some of the greatest events.


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